A fundamental part of energy management, and one of the first steps towards understanding usage in an electrical system, is a demand and load analysis.  An electrical load analysis is an inventory of all energy consuming equipment - everything from light bulbs to large processing equipment.  These electrical loads drive energy consumption and costs.  Understanding the best way to support and efficiency utilise this equipment starts with an analysis of those loads.

Once the number of hours each device will operate on a daily basis is factored in, the result is an estimate of total demand per day.  These two basic metrics, load and demand, form the basis for the design of energy supply and distribution systems, like PV panels, battery banks, inverters, generators, electrical circuits and UPS systems.  They are also used to track increases or reductions in energy usage, a key energy management activity.

When properly executed, a load analysis can yeild valuable insights into facility energy usage that can be used to save on energy costs, increase productivity and protect critical assets. 

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