One of the essential first steps in an energy efficiency project is to establish an energy usage baseline through the completion of an Energy Audit.

During an energy audit a suitably qualified professional from Specialised Energy will assess how much energy a building or portfolio is using and where it is being used. An energy audit is the important starting point for any energy efficiency program as it not only establishes the baseline energy consumption but identifies areas where it can be reduced.

Energy audit reports provide a detailed description of the building’s energy-related systems, a list of opportunities for energy reduction, estimated implementation costs of energy cost reduction measures (ECRMs) and the financial metrics to aid the building owner with decision-making. Our reports can be either customised according to client needs, or standardised according to the AS/NZS 3598:2000 reporting model.

Our goal is to find ways to cut energy use and realise energy cost savings. We emphasize these results in our reports, together with the data and rationale for projects our clients wish to pursue. Our energy audits typically identify cost reduction opportunities in the 5% to 30% range from improvements with less than a 5-year payback.


Commercial buildings serve specific functions that differentiate their energy use from other building types. Our specialists analyse a commercial building’s systems according to the unique needs and goals of each client. We develop reports based on an understanding of each specific building’s occupants, operating schedules, and comfort requirements.


Manufacturing and other industrial facilities often have significant energy consumption, and therefore, great potential for energy efficiency. Energy audits of this building type include a review of conventional building energy systems as well as a thorough examination of energy use for process applications. Positive outcomes will also allow industrial facilities to gain a competitive advantage by reducing their operating and energy input costs.


Whether a single residence, low rise or high rise multiple residence development, finding excellent opportunities for energy and cost savings should still be a priority. These audits can evaluate energy consumption in both common and resident areas – depending upon the scope required by the client.


System-level energy efficiency audits focus on one or more energy consuming system, such as lighting, cooling or a particular manufacturing/processing line. These audits are not as extensive as a whole-building audit and are focussed solely on areas already identified by the client. Since many energy-consuming systems are interdependent, however, our specialists will also include an evaluation of any impacts on other facility energy use in the final report.

There are three levels of energy audits, all of which need to be performed to the specifications of AS/NZS 3598:2000 Energy Audits.


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