Our energy efficiency professionals specialise in uncovering opportunities to improve energy performance in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Specialised Energy was founded with an emphasis on energy efficiency and we have always focused on delivering results through analysis, innovation and working closely with clients to ensure we exceed your expectations.


Without an effective energy management plan, inefficiencies in the business or home can go unnoticed and opportunities to improve energy use (and reduce emissions) may not be acted upon. In a business environment, unnecessary energy expenditure erodes profits and performance.

Energy is an essential business input and often constitutes a significant and growing line item of company operating expenses. The cost of energy is projected to continue to rise due to many factors, a number of which are beyond the control of most businesses. These factors will continue to place further upward pressure on energy prices and subsequently improve returns on energy efficiency investments.

We have the necessary knowledge and experience to conduct a comprehensive analysis to uncover these efficiency opportunities and the skills to plan, design and implement strategies to convert them into reality.  Just some of the readily identifiable potential benefits include:

  • Reduced expenditure on energy, capital, maintenance and OH&S costs
  • Improved productivity, product quality and staff engagement
  • Increased profits
  • Closer alignment of energy procurement with actual energy needs
  • improved corporate reputation 

The potential savings available to be unlocked through addressing energy efficiency is one of the largest untapped business resources in Australia.  A resource that can be readily accessed with the right advice.

Energy efficiency is also a vital consideration when designing or purchasing a building. Whether you have one building or fifty, we have the capabilities to connect your business to the analysis and advice you need. 

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