Grid-connect PV systems with battery back-up (sometimes referred to as hybrid solar PV systems) are becoming increasingly popular. With solar customers in Queensland  now receiving a low price for electricity sold back to the grid, battery back-up systems can be a viable alternative as they use the electricity stored during the day to run your house at night. They also have the advantage of being able to supply power during power outages.

This type of system arrangement - where day time solar production is stored in a battery bank and utilised at night - will effectively increase the return on a standard solar power system from approx. 8 cents per kWh (what you get paid by the electricity retailer for solar production exported) to approx. 30 cents per kWh (what you would otherwise pay for grid power imported at night).

In many instances, existing grid connect solar power systems can be retrofitted with additional equipment to create a hybrid system (eg : batteries, charge controller etc). However, there may be circumstances where a replacement inverter may be necessary for optimal production.  

It is important to note that should the Queensland electricity market move to a pricing system incorporating widespread 'time of use' tariffs, Hybrid systems will be able to easily allow system owners to simply avoid very high 'peak period' charges.  

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