Facts and Figures on Solar Power in Australia 

  • 1,250,000     :     Number of households and businesses in Australia have installed solar power

  • 65%              :     Average reduction in electricity bills for households with solar power
  • 14.76%         :     Total amount of Australia’s power produced by renewable energy in the 2013 calendar year

  • $5.18 Bn       :     Total investment in renewable energy in 2013 
  • $1.4 Bn         :     The annual extra amount that Australians will pay for their electricity bills every year beyond 2020 if the Renewable Energy Target is removed.

  • 21,000           :     The number of Australians directly employed in the renewable energy sector

Source : Clean Energy Council (statistics as at 31 Dec 2013)

Solar panels have been installed on the rooftops of houses and businesses in Australia since the 1970s. In 2013, we passed the one million solar rooftops mark in Australia, meaning more than one million solar panel systems are safely and reliably delivering clean electricity across Australia. Before making the decision to install solar, it is important to consider whether the investment will be worthwhile for you.

As the cost of solar has fallen, so have government incentives. A number of different factors affect payback periods and whether you should go solar. Specialised Energy has the experience and skills to carefully analyse each individual situation to determine if it is feasible to proceed with a solar power system.  Most benefit is gained by ‘self-consumption’ – that is, offsetting the higher retail tariff that you would pay by using power generated by your system instead of drawing power from the grid. Given this, it is essential that internal consumption patterns are carefully recorded and considered when determining the appropriate system size.


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